What You Need To Know About SEO To Get indexed fast and Rank High


Everyone who has ever worked with a computer on the internet has heard of SEO words and how important they are in the world of Google. Further, everyone who has ever worked with the internet knows, if Google is unhappy with your work, your work can be removed and your website can be penalized. But, that does not mean that everyone understands the ever-changing and confusing algorithms of Google. This is why we usually have teams of people keeping up with Google, SEO, blogging, and keeping our websites current.

As we enter 2020, you will see Google is on their game. They are watching everything we are doing and they are not ignoring any mistakes. We have to remember. We are writing our sites to serve our customers and clients and to draw new business. Google is only interested in ensuring the end-user had an enjoyable stay. They crawl the sites, they measure how long a person stays on a site and how many pages they visited. Nothing goes unnoticed. To get the highest rankings, you will have to work hard. We are going to explain a few things that you will find beneficial for preparing your website and taking it to the next level.

With SEO, you will change the way you do marketing!

Just when we think we almost understand the world of SEO we realize they have once again grown past us. Yes, SEO is vital for our search pages, as vital as ever. But by now, the way we access the information is even more vital. In the United States, 50% of all online searches are conducted via voice based.

What is a searcher looking for when they pull you up on a search?

This is something every business should ask themselves. One of the most obvious types is a medical site. As you design your site, what is advertising? Will the customer find you when they look for information on an illness? Will they find you when they are looking to purchase a product? Will they find you when they need a service?

If you are a doctor serving a particular area, why are you targeting the entire state? If you are a blogger, giving information about the illness, and you are not connected to a doctor, and they are looking for a doctor, you are wasting their time.

In 2020, you will find Google has fine-tuned its ability to attach SEO words to the intent of the site. If you are going to rank, you need to be too.

in SEO, Video is a must

We have known for a while now that people like video. It can be serious, informative, or even a fun infographic. Capturing a snippet video over text grabs the attention of the reader, who never seems to expect it. Using video on the homepage is very important when you remember to use rich SEO content on the page. If you are not doing this, you should be. The big names in the industry are.

For SEO, Is Content Still King?

The phrase, “Content is King” has been around a while. Is it still true? Yes! People may love your graphics and even link to your site so they can check back to see what videos you post next. But, if you do not have interesting content that stirs them, they will stop coming. Your content should be informative. It may be ranting or funny. It may be about growing herbs, raising your kids, or arts and crafts. It can be anything you want it to be. But it has to be good. It has to interest people. It has to be well-written. Your content should attract backlinks. It should welcome links from other sites to yours. Understanding how your information is being processed to improve ratingings is the secret of your success. Your content should be researched and true. You need to be linked to authoritative sites. The more authoritative sites you are linked to, the more likely Google is to trust you and rank you higher on the search page. Without good content, your blog will die a quick death.


The internet has grown in such a way that you now have an online reputation. It comes from the number of visitors you get, the number of links, backlinks, reviews, and the quality of the sites that backlink to you. It also comes with the number of times Google has had to address you before for errors or infractions. Just like in your normal day-to-day life, if a business is looking to partner with someone, the people he is linked to matter. If he is friends with upstanding people, he has a better shot than if he runs with shady people. Here are some tips for your online reputation:

  • Be careful who you link with
  • Never assume Google will never know something – they will
  • Link to as many authoritative sites as possible and invite them to link to you

Get Active In The Community

People have their hands full and many of us do not have time for extra work. But, you can usually sponsor your local Chamber of Commerce with a small annual check. This helps your town and in exchange, you get a place on their website and printed material. Every new member they have will see your website address and what you do. You can sponsor other businesses and causes that mean something to you. Places of Worship, Police Departments, or whatever you like. This is a great way to help yourself and others.

Virtual Assistants

Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri are almost members of the family to some people. They are almost real, but not quite. But, since so many people use them, you need to address their use in your search capabilities. Think about what simple phrases people ask their virtual assistants. It is usually something like, “What is the temperature expected for tomorrow?) or (When is Mother’s Day for 2020?) Now, think of some easy questions you can add that a virtual assistant can answer. “Is there a marketing company in Harrison County?” or “What does SERP stand for?” Think as if you are a new customer and give Alexa something she can grab.

Now you have a good idea of how to boost your website to the next level. Now is a good time to get started. You will be ranking high and helping others who follow you as well.

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