What to keep in mind while hiring a content marketing agency?

hiring a content marketing agency

Hiring a content marketing agency is not an easy task to do. And it is because per month, hiring a single agency costs approximately 3000 dollars, sometimes more than that. The total cost varies from project to project and on the agencies also. When you search for a content marketing agency, keep two main types of agencies: partners and vendors. It is good to work with a partner than a vendor. There is a huge difference between a partner and a vendor. Partner focuses on the goals that you want to achieve. They build custom strategies for your business. At the same time, a vendor offers you some packages and uses a generalized approach for every client. These approaches and packages are not customized. They are the same for every client and their idea. Here are some questions that you should ask when you are hiring a content marketing agency.

1.    Are they trying to determine your goal and skillsets fit first?

Good agencies try their best to determine their clients’ goals. They try to find out their skill sets fit, including budget fit, service fit, culture fit, and any other type of fit, which further helps them give their best work. They also ask few questions and make sure that they are delivering their best results to you.

2.    Are they everything to every client?

Good marketing agencies are not just for money. Some partners do not tell you what they can do, and they cannot do. In contrast, the true partner will tell you that they cannot do that specific task. And if they know any other agency or consultant who can do that work, they will recommend that agency to their client.

3.    How will they help in your business?

While hiring a content marketing agency, almost everyone forgets about this question. The agency will have a good content strategy for their clients, but you should ask them what is right. You should ask them that they can customize their strategy for their clients or not. Work with only those content marketing agencies who can show you the strategy according to your business.

4.    Do they have proof of the results they have driven?

Make sure the proof or the results are not just the work samples. If the content marketing agency has many followers but does not have any proof of the results, do not hire that agency for your business. And if they show the proof of the results, those results should be traffic driven and can be of any current or previous client. Other than the result’s proof, they can also show you the case studies of any client, screenshots of the results, or the client testimonials. After that, you can think about hiring that content marketing agency.

5.    Do they have experience with your business or industry?

If the agency has experience with your industry, then it is good. But if they do not have any experience and do not know anything about it, how will they create content for your industry. Your business content represents you to your clients. That is why your content marketing agency should have good experience and knowledge about your company or industry; otherwise, the content will badly harm your company’s brand.

6.    Will your project is managed by a content marketing expert or a generic account manager?

Do not think that if you are hiring a big content marketing agency, you cannot ask this question. You should know everything related to your project. Ask them who they are giving your project to handle, either it is a real content marketing expert or an account manager. It is good if your content is in the hands of a real content marketing expert, as they take care of your project more than the account manager.

7.    Will the agency need any third-party products?

Every content marketing project is not similar to the first one or any other. These content marketing agencies are unique in their way. If some agencies do not have enough stack, they recommend other products, and you should know what they are. But most of the time, agencies have their products, content, and other management tools necessary for your project.


Ensure you are hiring a real partner along with the content marketing agency. And they should be experienced enough to help you achieve your goal. These agencies will work hard, will provide good work, and will take care of your client just like their own. But before hiring, check their samples and the quality of the content they are providing with proofs. And one more thing, keep the above seven questions in your mind while hiring a content marketing agency for your business and see it growing.

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