Want to make your first million? 6 Ideas you should follow

first million

Your first million

With the increasing dissatisfaction among the consumers regarding their salary structures and their work profiles, most of them are looking for ways to ditch their corporate cubicles and look for some other interesting way of boosting their income level. Setting up your own business through the internet can be a lucrative way for people who want to be a millionaire. A businessman can run a business to yield huge profits in the long run. As the consumer debt level is on the rise and the unemployment rate is reaching a staggeringly high level, people should consider multiple income streams to boost their income.

Did you ever have any idea of a product that could net you a huge fortune, if marketed properly? If answered yes, you may decide on setting up an online business with the goal of sitting back in your drawing room and watching the money roll in.

Studies reveal that over the past few years, the growth of the internet has resulted in the high profile success of many online business firms. Internet has revolutionized our lives; through this, we can easily set up an online business to make our first million of money.

Read on to know the ideas that you should follow to earn your first million while making returns from your online business.

1. Keep the right mindset needed for setting up the business 

No matter what we start with, having the exact mindset is the most important thing. When someone thinks of setting up an online business, it can be a lot more difficult as most people are oblivious of how they can start with it. Online business is a venture where the internet is the predominant vehicle of attracting online visitors, delivering products, processing payments and tracking the reaction of the customers. Know what you’re supposed to do before you take the plunge.

2. Find a particular niche for your products and services 

The most vital point that is important for setting up an online business to make money is to locate a particular niche to market or promote the idea that you have in your mind. An eminent self-made internet millionaire says “it’s all about creating a niche”. Check whether or not the niche you’re targeting for, already has a market leader. It is better to aim at a niche that doesn’t already have a leader or too much competition.

3. Find the best financing option if you’re a novice, online entrepreneur 

The financing option provided by a bank in the form of a loan is usually a cheaper option than selling off equity and shares in your business. Go for conventional borrowing options and get support from a professional financial advisor whenever you’re confused about the financial moves to take.

4. Build your website on the best platform 

If you access the internet, you must be aware of the fact that everything that you need to do these days is through a WordPress blog. WordPress is an excellent platform to launch your website in minutes. You should have a nodding acquaintance with the WordPress glossary and must-have WordPress plug-ins. Design a beautiful theme to attract the largest number of audience.

5. Make money by selling ads on the blog 

Are you a blogger or interested in blogging? Then your blogging passion can help you to earn money by selling ads on blogs. Here are a few ways that will help you provide ideas to make a considerable amount of money.

Make sure that there is high traffic on your blog so that you can start selling advertising space on your blog. Remember that high traffic is an essential criterion when you are planning to sell advertisement space on your blog. If the number of visitors increases then it will be easier to sell ad space and can earn some extra bucks.

Make sure that you have a consistent rate of traffic rate then you can work towards your next goal of making money online. Your primary task is to make a successful landing page. Your advertising detailing will be displayed on the landing page so ensure that it is an effective one. The visitor will click on the ads and you will get a certain percentage of the price of the product.

If your website is not attractive and informative then you will not be able to attract more visitors to your blog. Therefore, try to develop the content of the page and upload articles on the products that you are promoting. If you provide information about the product then it might raise the interest of the visitors and they might click on the advertisements. Make sure that you layout your niche and relevant articles in your blog. Try to do extensive research on how your competitive blogs make money online.

You can update the information of Alexa traffic rank, a high Technorati authority score as well as your good Google Page Rank to attract the visitors.

Remember that you can sell your advertisement on the basis of level and quality of your traffic. If your traffic is low then you should try to improve it and then sell advertisements.

6. Save money from the returns of your business 

It is usually seen that when profits start rolling in, the savings ratio becomes disappointingly low. If you too are treading on the same path, you should change your attitude towards money. Make sure you save money in a rainy day fund so that you need not run to debt relief programs or take out new lines of credit when you fall into debt. As there are rumors about yet another recession, you should ensure saving a portion of what you earn in a savings account to continue building the cushion.

Lastly, if you want to be a millionaire, you need to be determined and hard-working. You may have to manage multiple income streams. You should also gather knowledge in the field where you want to shine. Once you earn a good amount, make proper investments to grow your money. Consult with an investment consultant to know the best ways to grow money by making the right investments. Good luck!

Did you made your first million?

Are you a millionaire? What did you do to make your first million? If you didn’t yet, do you have any plan to accomplish this goal?


Author Bio : Aiden White is a financial writer. She started her financial journey in 2015 and has been associated with consolidatecreditcard.org for the last 10 months. Being a debt fighter in her personal life, her goal is to share innovative thoughts and knowledge in the debt communities.


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