Understanding the journey of content creation

content creation

Content creation

In most cases, people are torn between creating content that complies with their quantity requirements and quality requirements. When it comes to content creation, you will find many of us insisting on writing content that has the highest number of words, without putting so much consideration on the quality of the words used in the content. Truth is, content is still the king, and the quality of the content you are creating reigns.

If you are among the providers of content media marketing services, then you fully understand how significant quality content is to lots of businesses, whether B2B or B2C type of businesses. For this reason, any content creator must understand the journey of content creation, to always make the audience engaged and yearn for more content from you. This post looks at what it takes to create a nice content, worth sharing on various platforms by your audience.

Be original

There is no better way to attract new readers and keep your current fan base excited and engaged than creating original and meaningful content. As a content creator, you need to provide value to the readers, and this can only be achieved if you produce the type of content that only you can produce. The content should be unique, found nowhere else but only from you. The creation of original content depends on several things as outlined below:

  • Unique visuals– if you are into promotional market, then you need to have great and unique visuals which can strengthen your social media posts.
  • Go a little bit personal– there is no harm in sharing a little bit of your personal life. Note that there is no one else like you out there, and thus by sharing a little story about yourself goes a long way in helping you be original.

Interact with the audience

After publishing your content, it is very essential that you interact with the readers. You might have noticed that most social media users want to have some time with their favorite authors or personalities. Same thing applies to content creation. If certain people really love what you write, then they will always long for a time when they chat with you.

You can interact with your audience either by responding to their feedback that they have sent through your email or by responding to their feedback in the comment section of your blog. It will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals if you reply to every comment. One thing to note here, however, is that you have to keep your reply short and precise. Too long replies might just bring you more trouble. Also, if someone is reaching out with negative feedback, or trying to harass you, then you don’t owe them any reply.

Be consistent

Most social media users scan content before reading. Note that previously, platform such as Twitter had capped the character count to 140. This was hard for any good writer to write and impress quickly. But since this has been increased to 280 words, it has come as a relief to most authors as they can provide some meaningful content for their readers.

If you want to catch the attention of your readers, then you have to make it more interesting but less. This way, they will want to click on the link to read the entire post on your blog.

The aim is not just to bring them to your blog, but to make sure they actually read the whole post, and still try to find more other posts to go through. You can only achieve this if you are not just brief, but consistent as well. Be consistent in how you post, as this will make your readers anticipate new posts after every short while. You are free to choose how often you post. Some choose to post a number of times a day, while others choose to do it after every few days. Whichever you choose, stick to it and be consistent.

Proofread your work before publishing

As a content creator, you need to be professional in how you write and post your work. The first way of professionalism is what we just looked at, consistency. The next thing you have to remember is that not everyone likes typos. While these are common and understandable, truth is not so many appreciate it.

It is therefore prudent for you to pause and proofread your work before publishing. This will go a long way in creating trust among your readers that you actually understand what you are doing and are a professional.

And it is not just typos that one needs to be keen on, there are many other things that any professional content creator should look out for. Some of them include the following:

  • Links- think of a case where you have put a link to your store, only to bring a 404 error. This can be frustrating right? Well, it will go a long way in increasing your sales if you recheck the links before posting.
  • Images and videos- many publishers have found themselves in trouble for publishing images and videos with copyrights without their credit. Be sure to check that you are not posting yourself into trouble by double-checking before posting.

Call to action

Every content serves a particular purpose. Is yours a promotional one? And what do you expect in return?

One can write content to capture leads, make sales, and get subscribers and many more other things. As a content creator, you must make your content actionable by putting a call to action. There are many ways on how to create a converting call to action clause for your content.

In conclusion, content creation is not a wake-up and know-it-all kind of thing. It takes time for one to learn and understand how to create compelling content that can keep readers engaged. The tips in this post are essential not just for the beginners, but also to the established writers who have been struggling in their content media marketing services.


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