Trending topics and keywords | How to find them like Professionals?

trending topics and keywords

The key to creating strong and effective content is simply knowing what the world is talking about! While a few topics are somehow forever in ‘fashion’ – some unarguably are time-sensitive. However, to create content that is loved and favored by viewers at all times, one must create a mix of trending topics and keywords and the ones with more long-term relevance.

Now the real question arises here – how to actually know what are trending topics and keywords? Where and how to look for them? How to know what the world is talking about?

Well, the answers to these ‘HOWs’ and ‘WHEREs’ have become fairly easy with technical globalization. As the digital sphere, especially social media, has somehow eradicated the concept of physical borders, turning the world into a big giant global community – it is obviously not difficult anymore to know what is happening on the other end of the world.

Now only can you now easily know about the conversations people across the world are having, you can also take part in them. Hence social media itself has become a platform for knowledge and updates, particularly about what is currently in fashion.

Here, we are going to explore some platforms and avenues where you can explore the trending topics and keywords. Have a look:


Needing absolutely no introduction, whenever you hear the word ‘trends’, Twitter will certainly pop up in your head. You can know about what is being actively discussed simply by exploring the hashtags. Moreover, you can look up what is trending in your country, area-wise trends, sort-out by category and niche, and even explore them with reference to any country.

Moreover, if you have the budget for it, you can also opt-out for promoted trends on Twitter. This way, you can show up on the top place of the homepage of the targeted region.

Explore Google Trends

Another safe and reliable way of knowing about trending topics and keywords is exploring Google trends. Think something is significant and will drive traffic? Simple! Just search in this tool and you will be actually able to know the search volume and how much traction each topic is getting.

You can also look for sector-specific and area-specific searches. The availability of localized details furthermore lets you look into more targeted and focused keywords. This tool can be extremely useful in exactly knowing what your content needs to be centered around.


Keyhole is another quite helpful tool that allows you to explore hashtags across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The tools basically work similarly to Google alters, however, is directed at social media. You can basically set alerts for specific topics for a certain time.

You can also use this tool as a defense mechanism for the business or brand. If you have resources and want to figure out an optimal use for them, you can hire one dedicated person to monitor all mentions of your business pages and immediately address the queries.


You are aware of this platform surely! Reddit is known for being a ring for heated, steamy debates on all the trendy and popular topics. The nature of the outlet definitely makes it a good resource for trending topics and keywords.

The topics with the most up-votes, which means the ones most under discussion, are shown on the main home page. Instead of exploring main pages, one can also look into ‘subreddits’ to dive into more intricate details of the topic. This makes it a great avenue of information to dive into the topic.

Topsy Targeted searches

Just like other useful tools, Topsy also assists you in looking for trending topics and keywords. It allows you to look for keywords in a more targeted and organized manner. Not only this, with Topsy, you can even look for trends and discussions on a specific day, date, and place. Furthermore, alerts can also be set to ease monitoring and sorting out.

For instance, you want to plan your content for the holiday season. Topsy allows you to look at the trends and keywords from the last holiday season. If you are aware of what are generic topics that are under discussion at this time of the year, it will really help you craft effective content.

With good quality content, it is important to know what and when to write to make it more efficient. If one is able to exactly lay their finger on the trending topics and keywords, they can incorporate them within their blog and make it relevant.

A content piece that is rich in keywords is well-articulated, has a sense of direction, and adds value to the lives of the reader will age well too. Hence, if you want to start a blog of your own and are struggling to determine a niche, trends are a good and reliable place to start with.

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