The Prediction Of Content Marketing For 2021

Content Marketing For 2021

We have only four months left in a new year. If you’re looking for predictions of content marketing for 2021, you’re right on track because this means you’re getting yourself prepared!

It is true when they say that content is the KING of the Internet. Through content, you communicate with your audience, create brand awareness, reach out to new audiences, send your message across people, and much more. Therefore, content is crucial when it comes to marketing your business and can make or break your brand.

In this article, we are highlighting a few predictions for the next year in regard to content marketing.

Content Marketing For 2021—What Would The Future Look Like?

This is what will dominate content marketing in 2021.

More Voice Search

More and more people now rely upon voice search instead of typing a query in a search engine. There will definitely be more of a voice search in 2021.

What marketers need to know is that the search terms we say to a virtual assistant like Siri, Alexa, etc. are more specific than the terms we type into Google.

For example, if I need to know the time in Italy, I’d simply type into Google ‘time Italy’. However, when I search the time from a virtual assistant, I’d say, “What’s the time in Italy?” Marketers should be mindful of this when they are producing content. You would have to include long-tail keywords and exact phrases that your audience uses in order for the assistant to read.

More Personalization

In 2019/2020, we saw brands getting into personalization in their products. Products that are specifically tailored to suit a customer is more impactful and builds loyalty and attachment with the brand. In 2021, we are going to see more of this as more brands will get into personalized products and content.

Dynamic content or adaptive content is the one that adapts or changes to the customer’s preference. For instance, a dynamic email will have text and pictures that change as per the customer segmentation.

How will you be able to implement this, if you may ask? Through data! You will have to rely on data to evaluate your customer preferences and needs and would have to tailor content accordingly.

A Content That Sells

Skyler Moss, the director of digital marketing of HCSS, says that the demarcation between sales and marketing will blur in 2021, and we will see content meant for selling. Traditional marketing teams will start going away, and content marketing will become ‘content selling.’

Evolving Brand Values

The coronavirus pandemic shook the entire world. While world governments helped their citizens and each other, brands have stood on the frontline with them too, helping out people in these tough times.

We are going to see more empathy and community service from brands in 2021 that will dominate the way they produce content. There will be more empathy, more generosity, and more acceptance highlighted in content marketing in 2021.

More Timeless Content

Your copy needs to be timeless to be on top in 2021. The content needs to stay relevant to the users. The stats and figures can die off pretty quickly and may cause people to lose interest. However, content that is timeless keeps viewers interested and requires little upkeep.

You would need to update your content regularly to stay timeless and relevant. It doesn’t have to be a lot; publishing a short video or repurposing an old article can go a long way in staying relevant. Moreover, tips and guides in articles have remained evergreen and will continue to do so in 2021.

Venture Into Podcasts

Although podcasts have been around since the 2004s, and many people own a podcast these days, marketers and brands have yet to venture on this. One exception is Red Bull, which delivers engaging podcasts to their listeners on racing topics.

Instead of just taking up ad space in popular podcasts, think about getting a podcast yourself as a brand. You may be able to garner more brand visibility and engagement through story-telling and other engaging content in 2021.

You shouldn’t just create a podcast for the sake of it. Your podcast should be knowledgeable, meaningful, and relate to your brand and its values.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we outlined content marketing trends in 2021. Content marketing for 2021 is about personalization, more voice search, more timeless content, more of a content that sells, and brands venturing into podcasts. Moreover, you are also going to see brands evolve their values and be more helpful, more compassionate, and more generous towards their communities and the world in general. This will affect their content and the way they deliver their messages to their audiences.

We hope you found this article helpful, and that it helps you in creating successful content in 2021! If you have any thought/comment, please feel free to use the box below.

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