6 tips on social media marketing in 2019 to improve your web traffic

Social Media Marketing in 2019

No matter you are a small or medium size online business, social media marketing in 2019 is getting harder day by day. The reason behind is the day by day update in the algorithms from almost all the social media channels. Every business is doing social media marketing in 2019 at every possible social channel like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. But most of the time it seems that something is still missing which is not helping increase the traffic of your website.

If you are not generating traffic from your social media marketing in 2019 it means you are unable to engage the audience to your website which means gradually decreasing your traffic. you will have tried best of the market advise but still less traffic to your website day by day. Let’s have a look what we not trying to perform social media marketing in 2019.

#1 Missing element in social media marketing in 2019

Right now, I am trying to collect the data about how many people are around who are getting around 1000 visitors a month? No matter even you are a fresh start in internet marketing or social media marketing in 2019 you should not rely on sharing your content on social media only at once. This is only because people come to social media and scroll up or down according to their needs.

I am inspired of @GuyKawasaki who used to share one post on all his social media channels twice or thrice every month, depending upon the piece of content. If you want to get more visitors then you should set to schedule to share your content even thrice a month to get it more visible to the prospects. The more prospects view your content the chances are high to get more visits and ultimately the sales.

#2 Focus on remarkable content creation

Well when we talk about social media marketing in 2019 it’s not about likes and share but it is all about comments. To get more comments you need to workout to create a piece of content which is remarkable. If you are not working a lot to create content which is not remarkable you will not be able to get more comments. If you are getting more comments on you content it means your content is going to be more viral.

#3 Don’t’ be afraid to promote your business

If you are thinking that doing social media marketing in 2019 for your business is useless, it’s totally a misconception. Promote your business by giving call to actions rather than to say, “come and buy from us”. If someone tell you to buy from us will you buy from them? No! you need to encourage consumers to consume your product. Use third party tools like crazy egg to find out what part of your content is most likely read or impress consumers then add call to action to encourage the consumers to test your product.

#4 Create content which is demanded today

You will be noticing that most of your content is not working today. What does it means? It simply means that you are not creating content taking your business which is demanded today. To help yourself you can get help from BuzzSumo to find out which content is most demanded and you should be creating today. Simple select the time frame that you want to focus on and then choose the right keywords and content topics which are demanded today.

#5 Participate on social web

When we are considering better social media marketing in 2019 then it’s all about participating on social web. This simply means that you should be participating on the social web with all your peers, followers and even with the competitors. Doing so you are actually helping yourself to promote your social profile on the social web. Again doing so you are appearing more than your competitors which will again help you promote your business social profile on the social web.

#6 Optimize your landing pages

The last step that you are missing doing your social media marketing in 2019 is that you are not focusing to optimize your landing pages. If you are going good on social media marketing in 2019 and inviting people to your landing page but what happen when the prospect is at your landing page? They simply dropped off. Did you ever figure out why it happened? This is simple because your landing page is not optimized well.

You need to optimize your landing page by taking help from tools like Google’s heat map or crazy-egg heat-map to find out the most likely portions of your landing page. You will also find out what part of your landing page is not getting much attention. Having all the data you can better optimize your landing page to get the maximum converts.

As we have detailed all the best practices and the missing points which are missing in your social media marketing in 2019 now you should focus on to improve the web traffic as well as the better converts. How have you been doing social media marketing in 2019 for your business yet?

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  1. It s become nearly impossible to grow your customer base and sales without a social media presence. Here are six tips to improve your social media presence in 2019.

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