How to promote YouTube video having Zero subscribers?

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Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of the YouTube created the platform in February 2005. Total Number of Monthly Active YouTube Users are 1.57 billion (Last updated: 1/24/18). Total Number of Daily Active YouTube Users are 30+ million (Last updated: 1/24/18). YouTube TV Paying Subscribers are about 300,000 (Last updated: 1/24/18). Number of Videos Shared to Date are 5+ billion (Last updated: 1/24/17). Number of Users Creating Content Shared to Date are 50 million (Last updated: 1/24/17). Average Viewing Session is 40 minutes, up 50% year-over-year (Last updated: 1/24/18). Number of Videos Watched Per Day are 5 billion (Last updated: 1/24/18). A number of mobile YouTube views per day are about 500 million (Last Updated: 1/24/18). Number of Videos uploaded per minute is 300 hours (Last updated: 1/24/18).

Having YouTube facts it is kind of a low hanging fruit to create YouTube video and then start promoting them on YouTube. At the start, it is evident that medium to small businesses has very fewer subscribers or even Zero followings. Subscriptions help you reach to your targeted audience very quickly as subscribers will be getting notifications on the desktop as well as on their mobile devices.

The other quick but expensive way to get your YouTube video being viewed at large in the least time frame, use Ads. Yes, having video Ads through Google or other channels you can reach to the targeted audience and increase your subscriptions in a short time.

But do you still believe that these are the only methods to promote your videos, no?

Promote YouTube video which is customer centric

There are many videos that you and your company would have made in the recent past. It is important to note that the only success in internet marketing is customer-centric activities.

Even if you are planning to produce a new video for your business, always go with the customer-centric concept. The reason to choose a customer-centric concept, it talks about the problems of your targeted audience which attracts.

Allow guest bloggers to embed your video

You will be working a lot with the guest bloggers as well as influencers in your business niche. They are the people how have earned a lot of audience after a long struggle in the niche. Guest bloggers are publishing blogs almost every day. As blogging is their bread and butter so that is why they are blogging every day.

Once you have uploaded your video on YouTube, just contact all the guest bloggers including the link to the video and ask them to embed the video at no cost to them. If a blogger promises to use/embed the video in their next blog, you will be the richest person.

Translate your video for better and wider video promotion

YouTube is such a unique video search engine which is not limited to the English language, only. If you are selling a product internationally, you will have a better opportunity to expand. To increase the probability of viewership, promote your YouTube video by translating your video with subtitles. There are almost 10 to 12 most famous languages which are spoken on the major parts of the world. Choose the languages spoken in the targeted region and then upload your YouTube video to promote through proper channel.

To promote a YouTube video without least or even no budget is equally hard for every business. But once the video is uploaded with different sub-titles, the probability of watching the video will be increased significantly. Even if you are promoting YouTube video with the method described above with even Zero subscribers.

The video content will remain in the English language but having sub-titles in the different language will be the great plus to get you more viewers.

Leverage existing visitors of your blog

It is important to note that you have a good number of email list whom you are sending updates every week, fortnightly and/or monthly. These are the people who are frequent visitors to your website or blog. Why not promote your YouTube video by emailing these people? It will be the best bet in the whole process to promote your YouTube video.

The other takeaway is the web service like This is the site which will help you send the push notification to all the email list to promote YouTube video of your business.

YouTube is measuring many external and internal signals. If your video is getting more external links, YouTube will consider ranking your video in the search results as well.

Share at your own blog

Your own blog will be the best place to promote YouTube video of your business. It is again a very commonplace which will be ignored most of the time.

To find out the best content on your blog, you can better look at the Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. Go to the relevant section and find out what are the most visited blogs or web pages.

Now find out the videos which are most relevant to that most visited pages of your website or blog and share your video there.

Doing so you will be getting more eyeballs, a significant change in the number of views on your video. The other factor which will be helping your website to increase your ranking is the time of site and number of users stay on your webpage.

We tried to share the best practices to promote YouTube video. How have you been promoting YouTube videos in past?

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