Is Your Product on Instagram? Time to Prioritize Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Social media is an important, if not necessary, component of interacting with consumers of your brand. Since 2010, many brands have found it necessary to join social media platforms like Instagram. The audience is readily available so popularizing your brand on Instagram is a brilliant idea worth considering. The art of visual storytelling is at the core of Instagram’s usage. It is always good to follow such trends to attract more customers and fit in. After all, it does not cost anything to join or retain an Instagram account. So why should you make Instagram marketing a top priority?

Something for everyone

All users need to accessInstagram is a smartphone that is connected to the internet. You do not need to pay a subscription fee. This has made Instagram accessible to people from different backgrounds. As such, brands can now reach most of their consumers and even new potential consumers. Yet again, this platform is easy to use, making it a top prime choice of social media site for many people. Research by comScore has shown that Instagram users interact more with content than other social networks. This gives you the advantage of getting real Instagram like so easily with a wide choice of marketing options.

Highly Interactive

While you may be usingother methods of marketing your brand, Instagram is a rather simple means of communication that can draw more buyers to your brand. It is true in most cases that your family and friends are key in marketing your product, especially for start-up brands. Even for large conglomerates, Instagram is at the core of their marketing strategies.

Here, you can actually interact with your potential buyers and customers on a personal level. This will draw more people to your brand. Added to the fact that you are not paying for the publicity you get on Instagram, this platform is worth trying.

You can also interact with key influencers on Instagram who can give you more publicity, but this may cost you financially. The key element here is targeting your audience with clear and captivating posts. It is also easy to link your Instagram account to other social media thus enabling you to share your content widely.

The power of images

You get the advantage of actually displaying your product visually on Instagram. This makes it easier for prospective buyers to choose your product and buy it. People often want to know what they are buying and how it actually looks. The great range of filters on Instagram can enable you to convey a specific mood to your products.

It’s where people are

A research carried out by comScore indicated that most people spend more time on Instagramcompared to other social media networks. It is only prudent for you to follow these people and draw them towards your brand. Added to the fact that Instagram does not have a filtered timeline feed, you can always get the attention you need on this platform.


Instagram has proven to be an essential tool for promoting brands, both small scale and large scale. You should join this social network to reach more prospective clients.
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