Numbers Don’t Lie. Here’s Proof Businesses Need Content Marketing – Infographic

Content Marketing

Content Marketing – Infographic

When you’re looking for something online, what’s the first thing you do? Research. It’s an important aspect of purchasing anything from an online market and I’m sure you’ll agree. If you think you’re probably one of the few who conduct a research before purchasing anything, think again. Approximately 81% of shoppers do a research before purchasing anything off the internet.

Thanks to technological advancements, people no longer need laptops to search for products online, they can be on the move while connecting with the best brands online. About 51% of smartphone users have connected with a new company or product when researching on their phones and if that’s not enough, 71% of people who researched for products or services online visited a store within 5 miles.

But content marketing does not make much sense without a strong blogging strategy. About 126% of businesses that blog enjoy a greater lead growth than small businesses that don’t blog. Apart from blogging, businesses must also keep a close eye on content distribution. The entire world is connecting online on various social media platforms and hence it makes sense to distribute your content online rather than opting for traditional marketing methods. About 92% of marketers say that social media has been an advantage to their businesses and approximately 90% of them agree that social media has helped generate more exposure for their business. But blogging and content distribution isn’t enough to help you stick out of the crowd.

People prefer reading content with images and videos and about 71% marketers use this strategy to connect with their prospective customers. What’s more surprising is that marketers who use videos attract 49% more sales than those who don’t use videos!

A lot of things go into making your business a success, both online and offline. Content marketing is one of the many things that can either make or break your business, so why take the risk? Contact a professional and let them do the groundwork while you invest your time on other important aspects of your business.

Take a look at the infographic below and you will find many reasons why you should create a web presence for your business. Each of these key points fits together into influencing followers whether that means clicking through company’s main website or achieving conversation through transactions.

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Content Marketing - Infographic

These numbers highlight the integral role that content marketing plays in people’s lives and how important content marketing for a business is. By identifying these points, businesses will focus on and refine each element to develop a professional, robust content marketing strategy and a web presence.

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6 thoughts on “Numbers Don’t Lie. Here’s Proof Businesses Need Content Marketing – Infographic

  1. Hello Ana ,
    Content marketing is really a king of internet markting……. Your article is really infographic for content marketing and facts are really impressive Your way of presentation is amazing, This article will really help lot of readers to create a quality content for their blog to rank high on google.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Ana Maria De La Cruz

      Hi Sonali,

      Thank you for your comment. I hope marketers will be convinced that content marketing should be part of their marketing strategies.

  2. Many people have lot off knowledge but they dont know how to explain. but you are amazing. you beautifully explained what you want to explain about content marketing. and i am agree content marketing is really king of internet marketing. you have a great future ahead.

  3. I have followed your tips and got more benefits. But, In this article, I have learned a lot of things, I will try them. I hope these tips are helpful and beneficial for me. Thanks, A lot of shared helpful knowledge.

  4. Hi, This artical very passionate about business. In today’s competitive business environment, you must understand how business work together. present days many businessesare fail because they do not understand how their business should implement the technology. so this artical helpful to the better ideas and make successful enterpreneur. Thank you

  5. You are not right. Let’s discuss it. Write to me in PM.

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