Learn on-Page SEO from industry experts to boost website conversion

on-page SEO

On-page SEO is all about optimization of your website having one or many web pages. In fact, search engine optimization covers two different sides to optimize a website; on – page optimization and off – page optimization.

When we talk about on-page optimization, it means this is all about the optimization of the front end of your website. The front end of your website is what your audience will see then they are on your website. The optimization of the front end of your website is to achieve maximum points to increase the customer experience on your website. The ultimate goal of on-page optimization is to help your customer get a good experience while on your website. For the purpose, all the search engines including Google has suggested all the points which matters in gaining maximum customer experience. Websites which fulfils all or maximum suggested points of on-page SEO from search engines, the chances to get the highest ranking in search engines’ SERP. Ultimately, the highest position in SERP of search engines, the maximum traffic you will get and may have a better chance to convert the traffic.

For the purpose, two very renounced online marketers, Neil Patel and Brian Dean, have been teaching the on-page SEO since very long. Unfortunately, most of us forgot or overlooked the points while doing the task. Today we are going to bunch both the online marketers at one platform to get maximum from them.

Learn on-page SEO with Neil Patel


What Neil focus while dealing with the on – page SEO?

  1. Practice SEO and all the techniques
  2. Blogging about whatever topic you are passionate about.
  3. Install the Yoast SEO plugin
  4. Meta tags
  5. Cross-link your posts together.
  6. Build links

Learn on – page SEO with Brian Dean

Highlights from learning on – page SEO with Brian Dean

  1. Short URLs
  2. LSI keywords
  3. publish long content on your blog.
  4. optimize your title tag
  5. Add a few external links in each article
  6. Don’t forget about internal linking
  7. optimize your page (and website) for site speed.
  8. include multimedia in your content

According to experts, a few points are common, but few points are really a catch in doing on – page SEO. We tried to gather all the points at one place to help you do the task to boost the website traffic to get you a higher position in SERP.

How have you been doing on – page SEO of your website?

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