How to Create A Successful Instagram Stories Content Strategy: An Ultimate Guide for Marketers

Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most enchanting stages in the world. It is considered the right place to develop your business or marketing strategy. One of the surprising benefits of Instagram is its story feature. Using Instagram stories, one can maximize their attention and engaging rate.

Style Your Instagram Stories

For Instagram stories, you must create your style, the way you present your content on stories. When it comes to marketing, particularly online, everything matters. On Instagram stories, the post will move fast; your content should focus on your target audience. At the same time, your content must speak about your brand’s product to promote Instagram stories.

much better. 

Format Your Instagram Stories

  • Font Style
  • Font Color
  • Impressive filters

For instance, if you are running a fashion blog or any business type, but you are targeting the girls, woman. Then you can use pink shade, pinky backgrounds to your story. Like pink color text, pink backgrounds, choose a fascinating font style. Pink color attracts or impresses most of the girls. Analyze which shades will match or connect with your brand. Once you decide, go with them.

If you look at top brands, they will concentrate more on their content appearance; at the same time, they go with an elegant and simple format. They will also follow the same style if their brand color is orange; they will construct everything that matches the orange shade.

Suppose you are looking forward to the brand’s image. Depending on your brand, you can set your theme, background. If it’s about fitness, choose dark colors, say importance about fitness by expertise.

When you are notified when someone tagged in their story. You can use that story in your account with your style. When you use user-generated content, it increases your brand exposure. This way of reusing your follower’s content will improve your brand visibility and awareness.

Determine the Objectives Your Instagram Stories

I think now, you understand the importance of style, look of your Instagram story. Next, you have to decide your objective, goal of your business on Instagram.

What did you want to achieve on Instagram? Why are you here? You may have different questions, finally, make a decision.

Some of your goals may be,

  • You may be looking towards the audience to reach
  • To generate your sales
  • Want to increase your website traffic

Once you decide your objective, you have to start your process according to that. For instance, you aim to build massive audience growth; to gain this, you can fix yourself. That I have to attain 30 new followers within one month. Now you can plan your work to achieve your monthly target. 

Don’t Post Too Many Stories

Of Course, Instagram is an entertaining platform, but people will lose their attention and engagement if you overload too many stories. It is better to schedule content at regular time intervals to grab attention for Instagram Stories. Instagram stories have many features; you can post multiple stories. The best choice will be posting three to seven stories on your account. Doing this, you can arrest people’s connection and attachment rates. If you post more than the limit, people will get annoyed and bored. Relying on your story content fixes timing to your story between 25 seconds to 2 minutes. Keep in mind dragging your content for a long time will not be liked by your audience. If you want to post lengthy content interestingly then follow the tips below, 

  • You can post your bloopers
  • Personal branding post
  • Showcasing your business infrastructure
  • Educate or instruct your followers
  • Create a series to answer business or industry-related questions

Post At Peak Times

You know the rule of Instagram that your story will vanish within 24 hours. With that particular period, you have to grab people’s time and engagement for your content. For that, you have to construct fascinating and eye-catching content. You can use Instagram analytics to find people active on their accounts. Using that info, you can decide your publishing time.

For instance, if your followers’ active time is mostly on weekends, then concentrate on providing worthy content during the weekends. While following your stories’ time interval, make sure you must keep at least one or two stories permanently on your account. Because when new followers enter your story part, they must have story content to see. Remember, don’t wait for the right time when you have strong content, post it immediately. With the help of people’s active time, plan your post’s timing so that all existing and new audiences will watch your story.

Post Multiple Content On Instagram

On the Instagram story, you can show your creativity level by constructing innovative and captivating content. Remember, you must maintain a 9:16 ratio for your Instagram story. You can post photos, videos, text written for your story, that is your wish. To show varieties, you use three types of content or a combination of both. Picture content will last for 6 seconds; video content is for 25 seconds, text written is for 6 seconds by default. It’s a very standard and regular method of content. To highlight them, you use Gif to your content. Make sure whatever your content may be created with high quality and as per audience preference and wish.

You can try different editing software and tools to present your story more attractive. There you can add special effects, themes.

Post Instagram Stickers

If you want instant and long-lasting engagement, then you must practice Instagram story features thoroughly. There are plenty of stickers you must explore and use according to your ideas.

Some of the trending stickers,

  • Polls, question
  • Countdown
  • Music
  • Quiz
  • Emoji sticker 

Polls & Questions

Polls are one of the mind-blowing ways to arrest or gather many audiences at the same time. Using a Poll sticker, you can ask questions to your followers. You can show your marketing strategy by asking questions related to your brands or business. Or you can ask a query about your audience to know more about them. 

Countdown Stickers

If you are planning to post something exclusive, you can set countdown stickers. Or celebrating a celebrity’s birthday during there, you can use a countdown

Final words

These Tactics will guide you in building engaging content for your Instagram stories and helps your business reach great heights.


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About Author: Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


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