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Link Building Techniques n SEO


The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a complete process that includes traffic gaining on search engines from “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or natural results using link building techniques. When you search for something on Google, you see different webpages displayed on the first page, second page and so on. Now the question is, how Google or any other search engine decides about which webpage to display on top, which on second and so on. There comes SEO, which is a group of ranking factors, combined they decide who is going to rank first and who will follow.

Every business wants to be displayed on top, or at least on the first page of search engines against specific keywords. These are used in the link building techniques. This is because more than 75% of people never go beyond the first page. If your business is ranked on the first page of search engines, people will interact with you more, and eventually, you will get more business. Visibility matters the most in the current era and this is what every business seeks.

There are several link building techniques to be ranked in search engines. Some of them are unethical, others are mildly unethical, and some are completely ethical. Unethical ones are called Black hat SEO techniques, followed by Grey Hat and White Hat SEO techniques. Keep in mind that search engines want to provide more value to their customers and if your website fails to provide that required value, search engines are not going to rank you anyway. Let us discuss them in detail.


Being an SEO, you must learn the link building techniques. When search engines were less intelligent, this was the most common practice to get rank without doing many efforts. These are simpler, easier to do things, don’t need much time, efforts, and investment and you get rank instantly. These were the shortcuts which enabled SEO experts to exploit search engines and secure top spot. However, search engines are more intelligent nowadays, they have smarter artificial intelligence systems integrated, and they can identify who is real and who is fake.

If you are doing spam clicks (multiple clicks on your website at a time, without any reason, that don’t create value), or cloaking (displaying different things to users and search engines) or use old domains to click on your website just for the sake of ranking, the search engines are going to spot you. Not only it is useless, but the search engines may also even penalize you for exploiting their searches. The main thing in business is trust and brand loyalty, whether it be for customers or search engines, the fact remains the same. So, in my opinion, from today, say no to shortcuts!


It is one of the best link building techniques. When Black Hat SEO is called the dark side of SEO, the Grey Hat is also somewhat dark. In this technique, people mix White and Black techniques and try their best to cheat search engines. These techniques are still fruitful to some extent but often don’t generate long-term results if you are not focusing on value as the core of your business. A company should either avoid doing these or must be ready to face any consequences if any mishandling occurred and search engines will penalize you.

Some of the common practices and the link building techniques included in grey hat SEO link building includes buying of reviews, purchasing of links, or creating content using article spinner tools. This content is totally copied but is not identified plagiarism by search engines because words are spin, however, the content loses its uniqueness. If you invest in these techniques, you are going to waste money that you could have spent on white hat SEO and got more reliable and long-term results for your business.


In the whole article, we discussed what not to do in SEO or what are the link building techniques. The focus of any SEO technique is to get on top in search engine rankings and remain there for a longer time to get better benefits. White hat SEO ensures that if you focus on these techniques, you are going to stand top for more time, organically (without wasting any money), and also get more profit for your business which is the main reason you were involved in SEO.

You must be accurate in link building techniques. Creating value is the basic thing involved in it. Your content must be active, fresh, plagiarism free and engaging. Readers must see what they were looking for, so they remain on your website. The uniqueness of content must give them information that is not available anywhere else. The most common practice is to be as simple and identifiable as possible and interact with your potential customers 24 by 7. People always look for websites which have fast response rates, so they can get timely information. You need to solve customer queries, help them in scraping information and provide value.


Follow the above mentioned link building techniques. If you follow white hat SEO techniques by providing greater value to your target audience, there is no reason you won’t get noticed by search engines. Good communication skills added with fulfilling commitments is the key to success.

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