How to generate 126% more business leads with blogging being small business?

companies who blog generate business leads

Every business in particular and small businesses specifically need to reach to their prospects to generate more business leads. There are many good ways to achieve it but the most effective and proved one is through blogging. According to a research, small businesses generated 126% more business leads through blogging. This has been proved that blogging can help you generate more business leads in new ways. But what are key elements to do blogging that can help you achieve the number?

The first and foremost thing is, it is never too late to start a business blog. No matter you are running a small business for years or just started one in recent past. Blogging can help you bridging the gap between your customers and your business. First off, understand what a blog is and what to write on your blog? Laying down the foundation of your blog is the basic and then be consistent on blogging. It is never a good idea to blog anything that is in your mind. Believe me, that will repel the readership and you may lose even existing customers. Let’s discuss all the best practices to generate 126% more business leads with blogging being a small business.

Nobody cares about your product, everyone cares about their problems

The most important factor towards a successful blog being a small business is to understand all the problems of your customers that are related to your product. Yes, it is true! No matter what your product is all about but if you don’t address the product and its features from customer’s point of view you are wasting your time and efforts.

Simply write down all the problems that your product can solve for your prospects. Having a handful of a list will not only help you design your blogging schedule but keep you focused on what you actually have to write about. Don’t stick to the list for so long; always searching on the channels about other dimensions of the problems that your prospects are discussing. This will help brainstorm for future blogging needs.

What type of posts to include on your blog?

Once you have written all the problems divide the solutions into many kinds of blogs. If I were there at your place I will divide the topics into more specific types like; educational blogs, technical blogs on how to take the service or use the product, Product reviews from the customer’s experience about the product or service of my small business. This is such a handful of information that every prospect requires to enhance their day to day experience towards quality life experience.

Again, if you are stuck on what to further write for your blog again start finding the problems. Believe me, you will always find many after some time from many places where customer discusses them. Keep understanding the problems – it’s a way to definite success with your small business.

How my blog will reach to my prospects?

P.S. Always focus on one particular problem in one blog post. By taking your product or service, once you have provided the solution to one specific problem of your prospects spread it to reach to every single one who is searching for the solution to that problem, but where?

The key to this thing is to spread your blog post through all the major bookmark sites at first. The more you spread your blog post through bookmark sites there are more chances that your blog post will be reached to more prospects.

Don’t forget the places where you found the problems of your prospects. This can be social media channels like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google Plus. There are many other places like Quora, Yahoo answers, etc. where you were searching for the problems of your customer. Spread your solution in shape of the blog post on all the channels where you found your prospects.

Having said, in 2016 small businesses generated 126% more business leads through blogging, you must start business blogging without any further delay. As we have discussed the way I manage the blog for my small business, you can follow the footsteps. Focusing your prospects can always help generate more business leads instead of pushing your product or service. Blogging is proved to be an inbound way of generating more business leads instead of marketing to promote your products by only focusing your products. Good luck to blogging and focus to generate more than 126% business leads for your small business.

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  1. Companies with 51-100 pages on their website generate 48 percent more traffic than those with 1-50 pages.


    According to the HubSpot study, companies that blog once or twice per month generate 70 percent more leads than those who don’t blog at all.

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