Free social media management tools of 2021| A must of every business

Free social media management tools of 2021

Social media over the last decade has become a hot trend. It has Billions of active users each day that use social platforms for personal and business purposes. Free social media management tools can help you and your business to boost your online business.

Technology has developed a lot and provided various businesses with opportunities to showcase their services or product and reach maximum outreach. Many large companies and small traders have used social media to find their desired audience through social media marketing campaigns. With the emergence of free social media management tools, your business can achieve marketing goals effectively.

However, using social media platforms isn’t easy. Various things need to be managed that includes

  • Creating posts
  • Manage Posting frequency
  • Scheduling posts
  • Getting insights

Hence, a successful social media strategy manages all the aspects that would turn it into a hit and thus increase profits.  It could get hectic to manage all the social media posts, and therefore, you would need a tool for it.

Luckily, various tools are available online, designed, and created to administer the social media marketing strategy’s multiple aspects. The tools are beneficial as they make the tasks a lot easier and manageable.

Additionally, another critical aspect is that there is more than one social media network that you might have to be active on that. Thus, a tool becomes best suited for the task. You can choose the best free social media management tools from our list that best suit you.

The following are some of the major benefits of free social media management tools:-

1. Increased productivity

Free social media management tools allow you to manage all the posts online. It could oversee all the steps from creating posts and the posting frequency.

IF you have various social media websites to manage, doing it manually could get hectic. Furthermore, it could massively reduce the quality of the work and impact the posting frequency as you might not regularly post.

A social media management tool is beneficial to solve the problem as it can be used for various tasks. It will help you to make posts with complete focus and post it whenever you want. Thus, the tools have proved to be the main aspect of increasing productivity.

2. Less time and effort

Time and effort are two of the most valuable assets of a successful business organization. When managing multiple social accounts and running various businesses, one thing you might always be short of is time.

Therefore, you can save plenty of time and effort in the process, which could be utilized elsewhere, like closing business deals and managing account records.

3. Managing ads

Ads are one of the essential things that can help you gain organic traffic on your website. Facebook ads have proved to be extremely useful in increasing outreach and assisting people in discovering your brand.

You can use a social media management tool for managing ads as well. It would you in various tasks like:-

  • Tracking the performance of the ads
  • Manage existing ads
  • Review the ad budgets and schedules
  • Get push notifications
  • Creating ads

Ads management is one of the most important parts of free social media management tools.

4. Analyzing insights

Successful business and large organizations are well-aware of the importance of insights. It helps you keep track of your efforts and additionally examine what aspects need more focus.

Being aware of the analytics and the insights help you track your progress and change your strategy accordingly.

Free social media management tools of 2021

The following are some of the best free social media management tools:-


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s one of the most active social media websites with a Billion users. Millions of people access it all the time, and thus it can be used for gaining business benefits.

ScheduGram is a social media management tool that can assist you in various tasks. It includes:-

  • Schedule your posts
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Provide access to various users
  • Manage posting frequency

Instagram’s algorithm is highly dependent on posting frequency, and thus it needs to be managed accordingly. You can create posts and schedule them to ensure that your account is relatively higher.

Sprout Social

Sprout special is a multi-purpose tool that lets you manage posts for all the social media accounts. However, it isn’t merely limited to it. You can additionally perform the following tasks from the social media management tool:-

  • Schedule posts
  • Receive comprehensive reports
  • Keyword searches

The tool provides support for various social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram.  The tool also has a desktop version that you can use to create and post from your PC.

You can easily manage multiple social media platforms by using it because it is compatible with the most popular platforms online.


Hootsuite is another popular website that allows you to manage the social media marketing strategy. You can use it for various tasks:-

  • Get in-depth reports
  • Collaborating with your team members
  • View and manage your content
  • Create engaging and attractive content
  • Schedule your posts

The tool allows you to build your brand, including providing customer care and keeping the discussions flowing through various public channels.


Buffer is one of the most used and famous free social media management tools. It is incredibly beneficial for making a social media presence and scheduling the posts on your platforms. Another major advantage of the tool is that it provides you with analytics, which helps you track audience activity and find the best time for posting on the website.

It also has a chrome extension that gets integrated automatically and makes the task a lot more convenient. Apart from just managing your posts, you also analyze the statistics to find the best time to post and which areas require more effort.

Facebook Ads manager

Ads are extremely important as they are central to discovering the required audience across the platform. It is one of the most used social media websites across the globe, with millions of active users.

Managing ads is essential because ads increase outreach. The Facebook ads manager application allows you to create ads, edit current ads, analyze ads budgets, and schedule posts.

Creating ads to perfection is one of the most important tasks because if the ads lack clarity or fail to convey your page’s exact meaning and intention, it might not interest people. Thus the app is a vital free social media management tool.

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