Facebook marketing strategy | 7 steps to double the reach and ROI

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is still the most used social media platform used by adults. The daily usage of this app by such a big amount of people provides a great opportunity to brands and businesses. It helps them to increase their visibility by implementing and using a good Facebook marketing strategy. We will be helping you in taking the hardest step, which is to start things simple manner. And you will know how to start Facebook Marketing in 7 easy steps.

1. Set Facebook objectives

Setting goals is the first step for all marketing strategies. This roadmap is an essential component in order to implement the invented Facebook strategy. But in order to make a road map, you have to conduct proper research to make sure that the goals you have set are attainable.

According to a sprout social index in 2018, Facebook marketers had a few goals in their mind, which are:

  • 34% of the marketers wanted to increase their brand awareness.
  • 21% wanted to increase their companies’ community engagement.
  • 11% wanted to enhance lead generation and sales.

So, if you do not have any Facebook goals yet, you can start with these survey results.

Addressing your objectives

Below are some yearly objectives which will tell you how an effective Facebook marketing strategy will help you:

  • Increase sales quality
  • Increasing the worth of your organization
  • A better understanding of the industry
  • Improved recruitment efficiency
  • Developing in a smarter way
  • Tracking of your organization’s progress

2. Understand the Facebook market you are targeting

  • In order to select the Facebook marketing strategy that is suitable for you, you will have to understand what type of audience is on Facebook and what type of audience you are trying to target.
  • In order to get an insight on the type of people and their ways of using the platform, you can use demographic, social media analysis by Sprout Social’s deep dive.
  • After gathering all this info, it is time for you to get familiar with Facebook Demographics by yourself with the help of tools provided by Sprout or by using Facebook Page Insight.

3.   Engage your audience in a proactive manner

  • Like other social media platforms, Facebook is a platform to share and discuss content with others. It indicates that we cannot neglect the aspects of engagement and conversation.
  • A brand should try to build a community for its audience. Facebook provides a great platform for a company to build communication with their customers and even non-customers. Masses think that to interact between a brand and its customer, Twitter is a good choice. But in 2021 and beyond, Facebook can also be a good choice.

For example, on Facebook, zippo performs an amazing job of interacting with the user. And it continues the discussion with users by replying to their comments. For several loyal customers acts as a perfect source for information.

Post on Facebook at the Most Appropriate Time

For organic content, Facebook is one of the most challenging social networks. Again, algorithms make it difficult for companies to determine the best time of posting. However, the guide below on posting on social at the most appropriate time highlights the do and don’ts of Facebook posting:

Sprout Social allows you to post at the most appropriate time

The patented ViralPost® technology from Sprout analyses the data of your audience. It also detects the most appropriate time for real engagement. Then you are allowed to schedule the content automatically of your brand at the perfect time. You can also monitor all social channels that are connected. So then, you can stay on top of messages, questions, and comments related to your content.

4. Plan your Facebook posts ahead of time

Any social media plan should include content creation and curation as key components. You have a lot more options on Facebook when it comes to the post types you may make. It includes everything from Stories to status updates to Group postings.

Options selection comes with the specific content types that your target audience is interested in. And it should be considered when you evaluate the Facebook marketing strategy that will be best for you.

The Index analysis led in 2018 showed us the kind of post customers want to see from brands. 30% of the audience wanted to have links that gave them more information. In comparison, 18% of the audience demanded more images, and 17% demanded videos making it the third-highest demand.

You can avail yourself of both of the paid and free options for scheduling content. One can schedule the post from their page using page control provided by Facebook. The ViralPost feature provided by Sprout can select the best time to schedule your post to provide you highest engagement with your audience.

5. Build an ads strategy for Facebook

It is not easy to avoid the need to pay for brand exposure on Facebook, whether you are just getting started or have been there for a while. Our step-by-step guide on establishing a Facebook advertising strategy is an excellent place to learn about Facebook advertisements. However, growing the brand and audience loyalty never happens in a night. You have to struggle to get that.

Social Media Advertising can help you to achieve your goal faster. We can say that it is not easy to run an advertisement campaign on Facebook. But it is simple than most other platforms. Even after getting started with your advertisement campaign, there is still the need of building the brand

Goals to be Achieved for Higher Brand Awareness

All of your Facebook advertising campaigns should be focused on these things:

  • Relevant
  • Cost-effective

Make a decision on creative content

At the starting of this article, we gave you detailed information on the type of content shared on Facebook.  Now you have to make the decision that which type of content is worthy enough to show it to your audience. Following are a few best aspects which certainly be a part of your content:

  • Identity – your business and logo colors should be displayed correctly. And it should be related to your brand.
  • Reward – it can be deals, promotion, code, whitepaper, offer, etc.
  • Tone – it should be maintained for both your business and Facebook page.
  • Action – it should be clear and precise.

Keeping the Facebook Ad Content up-to-date

You must keep your ad content up to date to stay relevant. You don’t want to annoy your audience with stale and irrelevant content. So to stay relevant, you should update your content every two weeks according to the current trends.

6. Encourage employees to cooperate

In a company, employees play the biggest role. According to the report of Sprout Brands Get Real, 72% of the audience feels to have a better connection when they see the post from the employees of the company. Therefore, a solution such as Bambu can assist you in turning your employees into your company’s brand ambassadors.

7. Tracking & analysing the results

It is the last step of Facebook marketing strategy, which will help you keep an eye on metrics and analyze the results. Along with the previous determining the ROI is also important. With the help of Sprout, data analysis of Facebook is now a breeze. You can easily compare your performance with any other industry’s performance to ensure that your Facebook marketing strategies are working.

With the above 7 steps, you can easily plot your Facebook marketing strategy whenever you want to.

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