What are important factors to take care in planning an SEO campaign?

SEO campaign

Technology is an ever-developing sector, and to ensure that you stay at the top of the game, you need to work on your SEO campaign continually. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy would allow you to get a higher rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Still, if it’s outdated, your website’s higher ranking chances are significantly impacted since the competition is intense.

However, there are various steps that you can follow to ensure that you remain at the front. Furthermore, you need to be updated continuously with different metrics like the Domain Authority, Page authority, etc., of your website to ensure that your efforts are working.

Below are some of the steps that you can follow to increase the probabilities of ranking higher on the search engine and creating a successful SEO campaign.

Evaluate your existing (technical) SEO ability

The first thing is to evaluate your current SEO strength, which is the key to improvement. You have to start by ensuring that your website is in great shape. You can begin by performing a small SEO audit for your website.

It might include:-

  • Checking the speed of your website.
  • Ensuring that the technical aspects of the website are correctly working
  • Confirming that you don’t have any broken links in the internal linking structure

Before you start working on your website’s SEO campaign, you need to ensure that your website’s technical aspects are functioning properly.

Finding the most important pages of your website

Every website has individual pages that attract more traffic than the others. You need to find out which aspects of your site are the ones that need optimization. It may include asking the following questions:-

  • Which pages are the most viewed/ visited ones?
  • What needs to be tackled at first?
  • What improvements would prove to be incremental in increasing the odds of higher rank?

You can check the Page Authority (PA) of an individual page to find how a particular page is doing on the SERPs. It would allow you to focus more on the SEO aspects of the specific page and create identical content to confirm success.  It is an important way for the webmaster to check which pages are behind bounce rate and clicks, thus improving overall content quality which is an important part of the SEO campaign.


Keywords are an essential part of the SEO strategy. The webmaster needs to be aware of what its audience is looking for, and it could include discovering the words that they use to make searches on popular search engines like Google.

Keyword research means being aware of the audiences’ intentions and ensuring that your keywords focus on the right terms. Often site owners use words as keywords that the audience doesn’t operate when searching for the product, which could have a detrimental effect on your site’s discovery.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose the words that are related to the product. It could be related to the solutions that your product or services provided.

You can follow Google trends to ensure that your focus is on the right terms. You can list all the keywords you would like to use and then use different tools to find how your competitor websites have used them and their success rate. Competitor analysis is a crucial factor that has been used by many successful websites.

Realistic Goals for the SEO campaign

There is one thing that you need to ensure before you begin working on your SEO campaign, and that is to ensure that you don’t have vague goals. It is something that has proven to be a central part of the failure.

Getting a higher ranking requires patience, persistence, and hard work. You can’t merely begin ranking for the most competitive keywords, and you need to be aware of the limitations. In a competitive niche, ranking for every keyword is not healthy and achievable and instead, focusing on brief, and lesser competitive ones have a higher chance of a better ranking.

You can consider two crucial things: Traffic potential (The number of people searching for a particular keyword) and the ranking potential (how giants are already ranked on that term). It would allow you to find the best keywords to use for your website.

Writing high-quality content

The most important thing that would help you rate higher on the website is content. There are various things that you need to ensure while composing it. It would include:-

  • If you have informative content, the data used should be the latest, and the research references need to be state-of-the-art
  • Spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors are a major turn off. Always check that your content is deprived with any of it
  • Plagiarism would damage your website’s reputation beyond your expectations. Always check for plagiarism before publishing content
  • The content should be exciting, and the word limit shouldn’t be exhausted.

Improving the internal linking structure

The website’s internal linking structure plays a crucial role in improving the bounce rate on the site. It allows the users to find related content on your website. Internal linking helps readers see the helpful content scrolling between different pages on your website.

Internal links serve as a guide for Google. Google follows the links, so the internal linking structure signals the search engine that your website has actual content published on it.

Furthermore, the right structure would also benefit the audience, and the most significant way to improve your bounce rate and SEO campaign is to use the method for your benefit

Matching keywords

Every website is based on a particular niche. If you have specific services or offer a product, your keywords should match your post’s content.

The content and keywords should match, which most webmasters often overlook, and as a result, their SEO campaign fails to reach its full potential.

Search engines don’t appreciate keyword cannibalization, and you need to ensure that you aren’t suffering from it. Suppose you are posting content about related topics. In that case, the probabilities are that you lower the chances to rank for a specific keyword. This can create competition between your content.

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