How to resist the dark side of SEO and earn links organically?

how to earn links organically

It’s been something short of a struggle for internet executives trying to keep up with Google’s updates. While generating organic links is still a powerful SEO factor. But more likely, the method of generating links has changed significantly. That’s why it is not easy to earn links organically. Have you ever tested your drags and seen a decline in the organic traffic that was either abrupt or rapid? Who among us didn’t? If there’s one thing that any marketing campaign has in common, it’s that we’ve all experienced an organic traffic drop at some point. The traffic to all of the websites has decreased, and in some cases, has gradually.

Reasons for lack of traffic

There are some reasons for the lack of organic traffic that help you to earn links organically.

  • A decrease in traffic does not always imply that everything is inaccurate; in most situations, this is normal.
  • Natural variability, reduction of PPC expenditure, and various other reasons contribute to decreased traffic for all sites throughout their lives.
  • Sluggish material, the rise of new rivals, or the loss of backlinks are common causes of reducing organic search results.
  • Determine which type of content is down to assess a traffic decline, then determine which posts have lost access.
  • It is vital to minimize making rash decisions and to take your time determining whether or not you have given it any thought.
  • Start to understand out why this happened and what you should do about it.

Steps that help you to earn organic traffic

Examine which traffic sources have been impacted the position of your website against your targeted keywords? It’s self-evident, but too many people think it’s because of a drop in the search of targeted keywords. As a result, double-check that your expenditure hasn’t been depleted by PPC traffic. It occurs more often than you would expect. Now let us keep looking, believing this is a decrease in organic traffic.

Check affected page

When most of your pages have been impacted, that’s a legitimate reason to be suspicious. ‘Don’t be concerned, a sign that a site has been hit by a Google update or even a warning. This item outlines some effective methods for determining whether an update has occurred and how to determine whether you were already impacted. Some pages may fall, which is a more popular situation. Others will stay the same or even grow in popularity. It is a positive sign that you shouldn’t be concerned about Google taking action against you. The majority of pages are constantly moving up and down the search engine results. Now, look at the list of expired URLs to see if there are any more.

Tracking pixels may be added to a website

Users seldom note tracking pixels, which are typically no larger than 1×1. These are coded into websites and obtain first-party details on user behavior. Pages visited, pages of significance, and private details, including whether the user is surfing on a smartphone or desktop computer, are all examples of this. These all seem to be cookies, but there is one main distinction. Since cookies are stored in the server window, they can be enabled or removed. Since a monitoring pixel is built into your site, it will collect data from any visit regardless of the circumstances and help to earn links organically.

Make use of a CRM platform

Online businesses are increasingly using customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Perhaps the best example of this is chatbots. While many customers still prefer to communicate with a person, 90 percent of businesses claim that chatbots have enhanced the speed and efficiency of resolving issues. Furthermore, chatbots are capable of capturing first-party data with ease. If a user has a problem or issue, they can become frustrated after waiting 15 minutes on hold and snap. This lead could be forgotten, and you’ll never know what it was they were searching for. And if a chatbot can’t persuade a user to switch, you’ll get a sense of what they’re looking for.

Encourage people to sign up

Configurations are the most critical outcome of all if you run an online data store. As a result, more companies will inevitably have services that improve the chances of a sale. It may involve paying as a guest, which is chosen by half of all online customers. The issue with the visitor transaction is that it only collects a fraction of the data that a guest’s inion does. Many customers prefer to pay as a visitor because it is easier, provides more security  and preserves their inbox against unsolicited marketing messages


It is never easy to earn links organically if you want it in only some days of your website optimization. Website marketing always needs patience and hard work.  Moreover, earning in organic traffic is illegal and against googles policy. So, add content to your website and breath till it gets organic traffic.

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