7 super ways of quality lead generation through effective methods

7 Super Ways of quality lead generation through effective methods-

Quality Lead Generation

As a marketer, creating content is a thoughtful job. The prime objective of creating content is to attract prospects to generate leads which eventually convert as a customer. Don’t forget that all stages of marketing funnel involve a specific type of content, respectively. Lead generation is the process in which we create content which customers are actually looking for, then driving traffic to those content and then generating leads using an optimised call to actions, forms and/or landing pages.

Sending cold emails in the form of offers and/or newsletters to the lists is not that productive – believe it or not, I don’t open cold emails at all and believe the same for you.

The nirvana of lead generation, in simple words, is an opportunity for your business. It is not wise to first generate and then waste the opportunities. The ties between marketing and sales must be strong enough to be able to convert the leads into customers. Let’s walk through all the advanced and modern methods of lead generations.

Host a giveaway – definite way of lead generation!

Giveaways are most successful forms of lead generation. Choose the platforms where you will offer the giveaway, tune your content to simplify the offer and there you go.

It is notable to define the audience of your giveaway and then pull the traffic over it. Please be noted that the giveaway must be something which is required by your prospects. If it is not something which your prospects are actually seeking you will waste your time, money and efforts. Be smart in the selection of the giveaway.

A stroller can be a great giveaway for the audience of Mums who are actually likely to be a future customer of your business.

Challenge your prospects – – innovative lead generation

You must know the age group of your prospects. This will help write down the tentative interests of your prospects. Here you can take an idea of offering some challenge which will last for a month.

Fitness challenge is always a great thing for prospects of any age. Define and develop content in a way that attracts and engage your prospect for lead generation. If you offer a challenge of the whole month, your prospect will remain engaged with your brand for at least a month. The chances are high to convert such leads into customers.

According to “About Us” page of Buzzfeed, “Buzzfeed is the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world.” Buzzfeed recently offered a “Sign up To Take BuzzFeed’s 2017 30-Day Get Fit Challenge!” – – the prospects will remain a lead for up to 30days and chances are lead can be converted into a customer for their sales goal.

Lead generation by Creating a valuable course on email marketing to your prospect

Every marketer in any online business is trying to spread the business to increase its reach to their prospects. Today, the quick and safe way to reach to the prospects is through email. Every marketer is doing email marketing but what is the true knowledge of successful email marketing?

Buffer, a social media marketing tool, designed a free online course in which they will teach all the possibilities and opportunities of successful email marketing. The higher the email open rate, the higher the lead generation rate. A course that is such an advanced that must be taught in the classroom. And if the value, product comparison and ease of use is found to the leads of the course the registration number will be way high than expectation.

Always test and try with the problems of your prospect and then offer the best that suits to your customer.

Lead generation by Introducing thought leaders to your audience/prospects

Thought leaders are always in good books of the audience/prospects and especially the online audience/prospects. The words from thought leaders are easily absorbed and followed. And if a product or service you are offering is referred by the thought leaders, chances of a lead generation become high. The process to design such campaign is very simple. Create a technical document of your product or service to present to the selected thought leader in your industry. The next step is to give a full access to the features of your product or service so the thought leader can test the product or service on their own. Once they have tested the product, request them to share their experience with their audience.

Guy Kawasaki, is a very well known name of Silicon Valley as well as on social media. Guy Kawasaki has a following of 7M on Google Plus, 1.5M on Twitter and 430K on Facebook. If you convince a thought leader like Guy Kawasaki on your product or service you can make a reach to 9M followers on social media only. No doubt, 9M is a mouthful of online reach.

Offer a free trial – Lead generation through hands-on experience

Offering a free trial of your product and/or service helps your customer to walk into your place. This is a prime opportunity to prove your attitude towards your prospect but also build a great confidence over your product.

Tesla, an auto-drive electric car, costs from $60K to $100K and actually selling a slice of future spent $0 on marketing. Their product, the self-driven electric car is winning the awards that gasoline cars used to win. The Model S was given a 5.4 out of 5 safety rating from the National Highway Safety Administration. They used to offer a Free Ride to their car and the level of satisfaction is sky high – – Seriously. There remain no point to buy the car once the prospect has taken the ride himself. On the other hand, even BMW also offers a free ride but what people say about marketing department of BMS, ““BMW has a marketing department called engineering.” – Seth Godin – – No Joke!

Simplify an everyday process for your prospects

There are certain things your prospects do every day. Some are complicated and some are hard for a layman. Find out the usages of your product and/or services. Then define how to put your product or service in the day to day life of your prospect. Then create content to simplify a day to day process for your prospect taking your own product/service as part of it.

Being a bed sheet supplier it is logical to simplify interior decoration ideas for the prospects. Having your ideas prospects will take interest to redo their interior. Once they decided, they will start finding products involved in the process of interior design and then there come the bed sheets. If your product address all the aspects of the thoughts being shared in your interior decoration ideas the product will be sold. And this is also true for any kind of product or service you are targeting to be sold.

Help your customers by solving a problem in help video

When it is time to do content marketing through videos, always go for help videos/explainer videos. Doing so you are killing two birds with one fire. The fact of the matter is 65% users are visual learners. A sofa recliner company, Sure Fit, did a help video on “How to Install a Recliner Slipcover” which alone got 41,630 views. Doing the video not only helped the company to generate the lead which then converted to a customer.

This is not the end. The Same brand starts getting review videos from their happy customers. Tina Seitzinger, a happy customer of the brand created and share a review video; Check out how my ugly furniture gets a makeover in a few easy steps with Sure Fit! – This video got 34,067 views in addition to the first video. The stats are self-explanatory and prove of generating leads.

Lead generation leads to direct selling business that is extremely vibrant, prompt and efficient channel. It is the excellent activity for the customer in creating the non-retail environment. It is a genuine business that needs no manager but a true customer-centric content. Having a great content, you will get independent and confident on lead generation.

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