6 proven ways to increase blog post traffic and audience attention.

blog post traffic

Sometimes, you create a blog post with complete love and care, but the online audience does not like it much. You will need blog post traffic that will help your articles in getting audience attention. By this, your blog post will get a second chance. But try to work on those blog posts which have evergreen content in it. It is not recommended to spend all your time and energy just creating content. You should also be paying attention to its promotion as the promotion has equal importance. and a very useful strategy is to create a second wave of traffic on your post

In this article, you will know about some ways to give your post a second wave of traffic.

1.    Create a new headline

The first and foremost thing to do to increase blog post traffic is to create a new headline. Do you know what a headline can do? What are its powers? Check the headline if you are your blog post is not getting the audience’s attention. While checking the headline, think that the headline is worthy enough to click on it to read the entire article. If it is not, then 2 out of 10 people will open that headline to read it. It results in a big failure of the blog post. Create a new headline to avoid such problems and give your blog post a second chance.

2.    Create a new tweet

It is a very good idea to use Twitter to increase your blog post traffic. It will help in giving your blog post a new life. But make sure you are not tweeting with your old headline. For a new headline, make a new tweet. Some tips will help you make perfect and attractive tweets to help your blog post attract an audience. While creating tweets, the first tip is to use an image or a Twitter card. Then comes to the second tip, use one or two hashtags that fit perfectly in your tweet. And then ask your viewers for a retweet.

3.    Create a new pin on Pinterest

Suppose you use Pinterest to engage the audience in your blog post. And the pin that you are using is not increasing your blog post traffic. Then create a new pin by using designs that will help in attracting the audience towards that pin. The designs that Pinterest uses include:

  • Pinterest format
  • Text overlay
  • Background images related to your niche
  • Readable fonts

4.    A small adjustment to your SEO

Sometimes your old blog post ranking is good enough that it gives you quite adequate traffic. Your blog post also ranks well due to keywords, but the audience does not check the content by clicking on it. To engage such an audience who also check the content, you have to do some small adjustments in your SEO. Rank your blog post, so many people can read your content by following SEO-related tips. The tips related to tweaks (small adjustments) to your SEO are listed below.

  • Meta description: First thing to do is the meta description. Meta description of a blog post includes that text that google uses to show under the headline of that specific blog post when someone searches it. Sometimes, bloggers enhance meta description with keywords and think that it will help rank the blog post.
  • Linking your post from other posts on your blog: The second tip is very easy to do. By following this tip, you will succeed in showing Google that your blog post is important.
  • If you are already using keywords in your blog post, you have to update your blog post with more related keywords. You also have to add a few more lines or a new paragraph with new information related to your niche and these keywords.

5.    Start a discussion on the topic in a group

To follow this strategy, you have to join a group related to your blog post topic. It is good if the group you are joining is a promotional or shouting group, but it should be an active group also. After posting your blog there, do not leave; start a discussion in the group on your topic. Ask questions, also comments with good answers. You can also recommend others to read it to know it better. If you become part of most of the discussion, it will help gain audience attraction, automatically increasing blog post traffic. But before starting any discussion, read the rules of that group first. Because some groups do not allow to do discussion, and some do not share any blog post link. They do this to avoid spamming.

6.    Research a Question on Quora

If you answer various questions on Quora, it will help in bringing traffic to your blog post. But remember one thing that you are answering to those questions that are related to your topic. While answering, you can also copy-paste your blog post link in the answer section. Readers will read it to know more about that topic, and hence your blog post traffic will increase. Some questions on Quora are active for a long time. If your answer got many upvotes, then it is the best thing for your blog post. The more upvotes, the more clicks on your blog posts; it means a lot of traffic on it.


To engage the audience to your blog post, evergreen content is required. You can update your old blog post, but you have to keep in mind some important points while updating. This type of content will attract the audience, and hence in result, traffic is generated on your blog post. If the content of the post that you created in your first attempt did not get much attention.

Then, it does not mean that your content is not worthy of more traffic and attention. Some of the new posts from social media and some tweets can increase traffic on these posts. It is really common for a post to get far more traffic in the second attempt. That’s how it is we learn from our experience, which we get after every post in blogging.

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