Laravel Vs. ionic Vs. PhoneGap: Which Framework to Choose in 2022

Laravel Vs. ionic Vs. PhoneGap Which Framework to Choose in 2022

Before we jump into which framework is better, let us have a clear idea about what frameworks are, and why we use them.

Frameworks are software that developers use while building an application or a website. This helps in the process of development where the developers do not need to start coding from scratch to develop a website or application.

As frameworks are developed and optimized by several developers, they provide versatility and efficiency in the development process. They come with so many advantages that developers never get tired of using them. Some of these advantages are discussed below.

Advantages of using frameworks: 

Frameworks deliver a codebase and guidelines to the developers that are predefined and the primary purpose of using them is to provide the developers a seamless developing experience.

  • The development of websites and mobile applications strictly focuses on enhancing the quality and readability of code and making the whole development process more convenient for the developers.
  • The framework also facilitates the debugging and maintenance process of software.
  • They provide the most efficient and effective ways of developing websites and mobile applications. Advanced coding environments and features facilitate the whole development process.
  • As developers get to use pre-defined codebase, developers can easily modify those which ultimately leads to seamless bootstrapping.
  • While using frameworks, developers do not require to write extensive lines of code. This saves valuable time and accelerates the development process.
  • Frameworks also provide security.
  • Many code segments and functionalities inside the framework are already tested multiple times which increases reliability.
  • Working on sophisticated technologies also becomes easier with relevant frameworks.

Having zero knowledge about coding is not a problem anymore. All you need to know is how the end product will look like. As you are completely aware of what you expect and require in the final product, you can use the information to choose the best framework according to your need. This will help you build your desired product in the most efficient way possible.

Now let us have a detailed discussion on the above-mentioned frameworks and see which one can work the best for you according to your requirements. 


Laravel is a software framework. It runs on PHP and is mostly used for developing custom applications. It is free-to-use software.

Many extensive things like templating HTML and routing, are pretty annoying if you want to develop it by yourself. This framework handles these tasks pretty easily.

Because it runs on PHP and primarily focuses on data manipulation, Laravel is a server-side framework. It is considered one of the most helpful PHP web frameworks.

Lavravel uses a Model-view-controller design point. The model mentioned here shows the shape of the data on which the application operates. The controller reacts with the model.

Advantages of Laravel framework: 

Here are some of the reasons you should choose Laravel for your next project.

  • As it runs on the PHP framework, it is very simple to use.
  • Laravel provides advanced security features to the developers. It enhances sites’ security and protects them from hackers.
  • Laravel boosts the site’s speed as it uses speed optimization techniques.
  • Websites that use Laravel perform well under heavy traffic.
  • The maintenance of the websites is very simple.


When you compared to other software frameworks, Laravel is a little bit slow. And users can face multiple problems while upgrading the software.


Ionic is widely used by developers to build high-quality mobile applications and progressive web applications. 10% of the Apple App store and 16% of play store apps are built using this framework.

Ionic is an open-source framework that is used by iOS and android app developers to develop progressive applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is a well-known leader in the app development industry.

Advantages of Ionic Framework: 

Some of the most appreciated advantages of using the Ionic framework are:

  • The ionic framework provides cutting-edge web development experience to web application developers as it uses modern JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Mobile applications that were built using the Ionic framework have access to every API on every platform.
  • Ionic offers over a hundred well-designed components using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that any functional app building process is very fast and efficient.
  • Ionic can also work pretty fine with other app development frameworks. It allows the developers to still use the framework they are more comfortable with.
  • Multiple customizable UI controls.


PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cardova is also an open-source framework. It is a developer-friendly and cross-platform application that mainly builds mobile applications using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.

PhoneGap allows the developers to build applications that can perfectly utilize different mobile hardware features like GPS, Accelerometer, and cameras, etc. You can learn more about Best PhoneGap development company. 

Some advantages of the PhoneGap framework are: 

  • This framework is better for business owners as apps can be developed fast and in a very cost-effective manner.
  • PhoneGap framework is used to build powerful mobile applications that use properties of native resources of a device.
  • It is capable of running on multiple platforms.

Final thoughts:

Though all these three frameworks have their advantages of using it. You can choose one of them that is suitable for your requirements. But according to me, Ionic is a very good choice for building applications both for mobile as well as desktop.

Laravel uses PHP whereas Ionic uses HTML, CSS, and advanced javascript. Ionic is better as it enables modern web development techniques to build quality design in 2022.

One drawback of Ionic is it requires a paid license to use all the features, but PhoneGap is absolutely free to use. But Ionic is better for providing an awesome mobile application experience. Phonegap does not provide the same level of experience.

If want to share other frameworks not named in this post and want to comment on the above, please use the comments box below.


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