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Content Marketing and SEO Services: Develop a Marketing Strategy that Drives Traffic to Grow Your Business

Bill Gates’ famous 1996 quote, “content is king,” still serves as a reminder that content marketing isn’t just one of those trendy and fashionable marketing buzzwords that come and go. Content remains one of the most essential elements for digital marketers relying on search engine optimization (SEO) to scale their businesses. You can call it the “raw material” of SEO, as it forms the very base of digital marketing existence.

With tons of information available on the internet today, customers approach different products and services online with a lot of skepticism. I bet you are feeling the same while reading this information from a digital marketing agency’s website. Nevertheless, the truth is that marketers who aren’t using content marketing to promote their products and services online are missing out on lots of opportunities to reach their target audiences; it is still one of the most powerful and sustainable ways of building a brand and creating awareness online.

However, content marketing is not an easy feat. It requires a great deal of expertise to deliver the desired results while staying out of trouble with Google and other search engines. Besides, it’s a continuous process that takes time to work miracles. For that reason, many brands hire reputable SEO and digital marketing agencies to optimize their content while avoiding the risks of annoying Search engines or wasting time on mediocre content marketing campaigns.

Outreach Bee will help you harness the true power of content marketing to organically increase your search engine rankings without running afoul of Google’s guidelines and risking punishment. Online content is growing more complex by the day, which makes it hard for regular content marketing teams to level up your business.

By outsourcing the services of our content marketing professionals, your brand will be able to realize the highest possible return on investment from created content in the long run. With Outreach Bee, you will be able to;

Bolster your backlink profile by posting quality content to high-authority sites in your niche.

Build relationships with the right influencers in your niche

Increase your brand's awareness.

Generate organic traffic to your website.

Increase your content's visibility in search results.

content marketing

So, what exactly is content marketing?

Understanding Content Marketing

At its most basic, content marketing is the paradigm of using web content, such as articles and blog posts, to drive traffic to a particular website. This content can either be posted directly on the site in question or posted elsewhere and backlinked to the desired website. Both approaches are critical in maximizing traffic as well as search engine rankings.

Usually, brands mentioned on the online media are directly promoted to the audiences of the involved channels. That means content marketing is not a standalone discipline; it needs other SEO campaigns, such as blogger outreach, influencer marketing, and manual link building, to generate leads and drive organic traffic.

You see, content marketing and SEO are interlinked disciplines that’ll help improve your website’s rankings and increase your brand’s awareness. Therefore, for your published content to generate leads, it must be search-optimized to make it easy for your audience to find and access.

There’s no doubt that form of marketing was abused as digital marketing evolved. Once marketers realized that any barely legible article could help a site’s ranking as long as it included the target keywords, the web was flooded with poor-quality blog posts, ezine articles, and forum content, only to mention a few.

Fortunately for those of us who care about the user experience, Google finally put its foot down and made changes to its algorithm that excluded that low-quality content from factoring into a site’s ranking. That resulted in the bar for this marketing strategy being set quite a bit higher, which has certainly improved the quality of online search results.

Content is Still King

One of the reasons marketers liked content marketing so much in the past was that it was cheap compared to PPC, traditional PR, and other forms of marketing – online and off. While the stricter requirements of Google have unquestionably raised costs, content marketing remains a very cost-effective marketing option. You may not be able to get away with paying $5 per article anymore, but the content you do pay for is much more likely to have a significant impact on your search engine ranking.

Do your research, determine which keywords will be most effective, and create appropriate content for your website. With search engines’ modern AI-based operations, you don’t need to create one page for each variation of a keyword. That will only waste your time and potentially annoy Google. Now, you only need to group your services over a page or three, depending on how many categories of products or services you offer. It’s easier for you, easier for your visitors, and search engines like it.

The other component of content marketing involves driving up your search engine ranking as well as bringing enthusiastic traffic to your website through backlinking. We cover this more thoroughly on our Manual Link Building page, but gaining backlinks from sites with a high domain authority is a critical piece of modern digital marketing that you should not ignore.

So, what is the difference between a content marketing strategy and a content marketing campaign?

Content Marketing Strategies vs. Content Marketing Campaigns

A content marketing strategy is the overall approach of planning, creating, and distributing content to achieve a specific business objective; it could be creating awareness, driving sales, or generating leads. Here, you’ll be defining the target audience, the type of content you want, how you will distribute the content, metrics to measure the performance, and the resources needed to execute your strategy.

A content marketing campaign, on the other hand, is a time-bound process that involves using a set of tactics to meet a single goal within the larger content marketing strategy. This may be producing a series of blog posts or videos with the aim of creating awareness over a specific period of time.

A content marketing strategy should be used to fuel and guide your content marketing campaign. All the same, you need both concepts to succeed.

Creating An Excellent Content Marketing Campaign with Outreach Bee

A well-thought content marketing campaign must start with a clear plan. Once valuable content is created and distributed to the target audience, you must measure its performance to determine if it has achieved the predetermined marketing and business goals.

A well-executed content marketing campaign helps your business stand out when consumers decide to purchase. Usually, SEO metrics help quantify the performance of your marketing strategy in a given timeframe to estimate how efficiently the specified goals are met. The data derived is then used to determine how brands can maximize their efforts to reach their marketing goals or even scale their businesses further.

However, it’s worth noting that creating and promoting quality content doesn’t come cheap, especially if you lack the right resources. You want every single dollar you put into this marketing approach to prove its ROI.

At Outreach Bee, we believe that a combination of well-thought content marketing and SEO strategies forms the cornerstone of a sustainable business. We help individual companies, SEO agencies, digital marketers, and PR marketing agencies conduct thorough analyses of their competitors, industries, and target audiences to help them leverage the power of content marketing in upscaling their businesses.

With our personalized content marketing strategy, you’ll get high-quality and relevant content embedded with keywords and backlinks that drive organic traffic to your site. We’ll also embed images, videos, and quotes within the articles upon your request.

Our remarkable content creators understand that content marketing isn’t only about storytelling. It’s more of using the right words to send an engaging and intriguing message to your current and potential customers. Whether it’s generating leads, boosting awareness, or increasing your search engine rankings, we will help your company meet the predetermined business goals.

Elements of a Powerful Content Marketing Campaign

An excellent content marketing strategy doesn’t just happen. There’s more than just creating terrific blog posts. As noted earlier, content consists of the core elements digital marketers use to bolster their SEO and boost their online presence. That said, here are the elements a well-thought content marketing strategy must have;

Clear and achievable goals: You must develop clear yet realistic goals in your campaign and define how to meet them.

A content plan/content calendar: A detailed plan will help you manage your content distribution schedule.

Experimenting with different varieties of content: Including different types of content in your campaign ensures you reach the target audience from different angles. Some of the content types you can combine to evoke the interest of your target audience include articles, infographics, podcasts, videos, ebooks, emails, etc.

Content creation service: To create high-quality content that search engines like Google love, you need a team of dedicated writers and designers. Furthermore, you want relevant content that will solve the problems of your target audience.

Search engine optimization tools: By hiring an SEO agency to manage your content marketing campaign, you can leverage the power of digital marketing tools without having to pay for them. Content marketing has become too complex to be handled manually.

A well-defined budget: If you are stuck at this stage, a content marketing specialist can come in handy. Apart from generating leads, Outreach Bee will help you realize the ROI of every single cent you invest in your campaign.

Measuring the Performance of Your Content Marketing Campaign

You want to focus your efforts on a content marketing campaign that you can measure its performance or progress and determine the areas you need to prioritize to meet your goals. Thankfully, SEO metrics exist solely for this purpose. You need a range of analytics tools to monitor the performance of your content marketing strategy. This way, you don’t have to wait until the end of the campaign to get the results because you can get them daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your goals and metrics.

For instance, you can use tools like Google Analytics to measure how much traffic your strategy has attracted. Usually, content marketers rely on outreach efforts to drive traffic, either paid or organic outreach. However, you must understand that although you may pay for traffic, organic outreach is the best way to ensure your brand remains relevant in the long run.

In this regard, you must create high-quality, relevant, and informative content and promote it in a way that it will be shared or linked back to by your audience. This includes reaching out to relevant influencers and authority bloggers in your industry and asking them for link placements on their blogs (find more of this in the our Blogger Outreach page).

Bounce rate is another metric you can use to determine how your site visitors are engaging with your content. How many people have visited your website? What percentage has left without visiting other pages? How many have taken action?

This way, you will be able to know if anything is amiss and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you are striking the right cords with your content. If everything is going according to plan, don’t hesitate to pour more promotional fuel into the fire.

How to Know if You Need Content Marketing Services

Are you using content to drive traffic to your site in the most effective way possible?

Are you harnessing the true power of content marketing to organically increase your search engine rankings without running afoul of Google’s guidelines and risking punishment?

If you’re not sure about any of these, your business could use the expertise of a content marketing specialist who’ll push the right buttons and attract qualified leads. In this regard, your content must be optimized to leverage the power of digital media and generate traffic to your site, ultimately improving its search rankings and increasing your brand’s awareness. The more your audience resonates with your content, the more you become part of their life, which translates to recurring traffic over time. This tells Search engines that your website contains relevant and valuable content, which can boost your rankings in search results.

However, you must also understand that your approach matters a lot. Content marketing isn’t all about placing your goods and services in front of your audience and hoping they’ll bite. It’s all about magnetizing the target audience to your products and services.

Overall, content marketing is a sustainable and cost-effective way of nurturing an audience and gaining their trust. Furthermore, it is the primary way most modern consumers prefer when interacting with different brands and learning about their products and services.

If you are considering hiring a company that will meticulously merge content marketing with SEO, you are in the right place. We’ll use our valuable resources and expertise to boost your online visibility.

Why Trust Your Content Marketing To Outreach Bee

Over my 12+ years in digital marketing, from blogger outreach specifically to link building in general, I’ve become known as the queen of content marketing. I’ve seen it work wonders for brands large and small, pumping up their brand recognition, blowing up their search engine ranking, and constantly driving enthusiastic traffic to their site.

Putting content marketing to its most effective use isn’t as simple as it once was. Now, you’ve got to pay close attention to guidelines and avoid cutting corners that can get you into trouble. Do it right, and you’ll see your website surge; do it wrong, and you may be harshly sanctioned by Google and other search engines.

At Outreach Bee, we’re perfectly positioned to help you build a thriving content marketing program that will pay huge dividends for years to come. Here, every content marketing strategy or campaign is created from scratch since our ethos does not allow us to adapt your needs to an existing template– that’s a generic plan.

What to expect from us;

SEO and content benchmarking

Produce high-quality and relevant content to meet your goals and your linking partners' goals

Outreaching relevant and high-authority bloggers in your industry

Paying bloggers upon publication

Identifying SEO opportunities that may arise while working together

Conducting audience research

Creating a content plan/calendar

Performing in-depth keywords search for your campaign

Creating white-label and branded reports for your use

And eventually, help you realize the highest return on investment possible

From Strategy to Execution: Developing the Winning Content Marketing Strategy with Outreach Bee

Haphazardly creating and distributing content, hoping it will generate leads, is not the way to go. In this regard, Outreach Bee follows a clear path in executing a content marketing strategy for clients. Here are the steps;

Define your target audience: This includes the countries you are targeting and the category/niche. Here, you will determine your business and the customer pains you must solve to meet your objectives.

Set your content marketing goals: At this stage, you will tell us the goals you intend to meet, the time frame you are looking to work with, and your budget. Once that is clarified, we will sift through our network and the internet to find relevant and high-authority bloggers that can fetch maximum traffic for your site.

Develop a content plan: Once you choose the influencers you want us to work with, we will plan how the content will be promoted and how we'll measure our marketing campaign's performance, depending on your goals. We'll use tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz Pro to check their domain authorities, spam scores, trust flows, citing flows, etc., to ensure they align with your objectives.

Creating High-Quality and relevant content: At this stage, we'll ask you to provide us with the anchor text and target URL for every website willing to work with you. We will then perform a keyword search, create optimized content using this information, and present it to you for approval.

Content promotion: Upon your approval, we'll send the content for publication and wait for it to appear on the web. At this stage, most bloggers and influencers ask for payments before publishing the content; and because we are a transparent agency, we pay them and add the rate beside each site so that our clients know how much they'll be paying for each site.

Measuring and analyzing the results: After the published content appears on the bloggers website, we'll examine the metrics depending on the content plan. This can be done weekly or monthly. Here, we’ll be looking closely at the performance of each site and making any necessary changes to meet your goals.

Reporting: Upon analyzing the results, we’ll create a comprehensive report to help you decide on your next step, including continuously refining your marketing strategy based on the feedback. After completing the above processes, we create the invoice and await payment.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy That Drives Traffic with Outreach Bee

With the digital marketing landscape growing more complex by the day, guesswork is the last thing you want in your content marketing campaign or strategy. You want a service that can align your content marketing efforts with your business objectives, while delivering true value to the target audience. Besides, you want to work with an SEO agency that will respect your business’ bottom line.

Simply contact Outreach Bee today and be sure to up your content marketing game.